Writing the applying messages for jobs

5 min

A lot of people apply for different jobs via sending their CV by email. However, there isn’t any reply. The reason for which the company didn’t contact with you to have an interview may be because of the message in which you sent your CV as you didn’t follow the proper main steps of applying to a job. Your autobiography may be excellent and suitable for the job, but the manner you presented it by may be wrong and the reason for objecting you.

For example, when we decide that the applying for jobs in our company “Al Badr Smart Systems”is only via emails, it is for many important reasons such as it’s a great necessary for appliers to know how to type their emails and send them because emails are used daily and in case of not knowing it, this means that you lose your essential skills for your daily dealings. So you must be aware of the following steps on typing any emails for jobs

The subject:

The subject must contain the job title or the job code if exists in the advertisement, many messages we get don’t contain a message title and because we have a lot of available jobs, we don’t know what job you apply for, so your message is surely neglected.

The message text of the applied job:

It’s a message which shows that you apply for a certain job, why do you apply for this job and what are you looking forward to in this job, and not a mere message you send for any company without knowing the required job nature.


A lot of people forget to attach an updated CV and send an old CV or send a CV which doesn’t contain the essential skills which the company search for. You must revise your CV before sending it and make sure that you have mentioned the required skills of the job or the skills that may qualify to be accepted in this job.
Finally, you must know that your first message to apply for a job in a company is a very important matter as it’s evaluated by the in-charge of hiring in the company, so you should type your message correctly to apply yourself properly.