Al Bader Human Resources Management (HR)

It’s a specialized smart management program for managing of institutions and companies instead of the management of human. It helps you to insert the data of the employees, salaries accounts and register attendance and departure.

Why should I have “Al Badr Human Resources Management” program HR?

Because it’s the best smart program in human resources management

برنامج البدر لإدارة الموارد البشرية HR


  • Adding employees’ data (personal information – skills – education – licenses – spoken languages – salaries….etc,).
  • Showing employees’ data (name – finger print – Job title).
  • Registration of the employees’ attendance and departure by date.
  • Uploading an excel sheet about an employee’s attendance


  • Assigning the daily operations
  • Assigning the kinds of additive salaries as (shift incentive – overtime incentive – work efficiency…etc,).
  • Inserting an additive salary by inserting (the employee’s name – the date – the addition kind – how many added minutes).


  • Determining the kind of deductions about what (laziness – delays – riots…)
  • Determining the value of deductions.
  • Adding a new deduction.

Employees’ permissions:

  • Determining the number of permissions per month.
  • Determining the date of permissions start and end.
  • Following up the employees’ absence.


  • Reports for attendance in a certain period.
  • Reports of monthly attendance for a certain employee.

The employees’ leave:

  • Registration of the Leave kind and the name of the employee.
  • Registration of the employee Leave including its start, end and kind (sick leave – casual leave….).
  • Registration of the employees’ overtime.


  • Adjusting the institution setting (adding new sections – sections names – main sections and sub sections).
  • Adding new job (job title – description of job).
  • Adding a new job with registration of its category name.
  • Registration of sites, branches and available places of work for the company.
  • Registration of the salary components (work kind – employee’s name – adding deductions and additions).
  • Registrations of the absence permissions (absence permission – early dismissed permission – travelling….etc,)
  • Assigning accounting Periods and adding new periods with determining its start and end.
  • Registration of vacations by their (date – kind).
  • Registration of new shifts (shift name – date of start and end – cash incentive).
  • Registration of the shifts of each group (number of employees – kind of shift – date of start and end)

General settings:

  • Adding new skills (skill name – skill description).
  • Adding new educational stage.
  • Adding new license with its kind as (first class license for vehicles – software license….)
  • Adding new language.
  • Adding nationalities and currencies (the country and its currency).

Settings of Human Resources:

  • Assigning the start and end date of the month for the accounting periods.
  • The deduction of absence without a permission.
  • Registration of deductions rate.
  • Calculating the overtime.
  • Choosing the program language.

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