Al Badr for managing of Tourism and Travel Company program

It’s a program which helps you to register all kinds of tickets, showing sold and unsold tickets, registration of hotels bookings, registration of journeys programs, assigning the companies which import tickets and their accounts. Also there are detailed reports of sale and importing processes, the possibility of adding sub-agents for the company, registration and following up the reports of the company expenses, many users and references for each user.

 Why should I choose “Al Badr for managing of Tourism and Travel Company” program?

برنامج البدر لإدارة شركات السفر والسياحة

The main page:

  • Following up all available tickets this month.
  • Following up the number of hotels bookings.
  • Following up the all monthly presented services.
  • Following up the journeys programs of this month.
  • Following up a diagram of the monthly profits.

Adding a new flight booking:

  • Adding the name of the suppliers and customers with their data.
  • Registration of the traveler’s name.
  • Registration of the flight number.
  • Registration of the travelling date and the kind of flight.
  • Registration of the airline name.
  • Registration of the flight ticket class.
  • Registration of the flight itinerary.
  • Registration of the passengers’ number.
  • Registration of the flight price.
  • Registration of the sales representative’s name.
  • Choosing the payment way.

The booked tickets:

  • Adding those tickets which are booked that day.
  • Inserting the name of tickets supplier.
  • Knowing the name of the customer and traveler.
  • Registration of tickets prices and numbers.
  • Registration of the flight number.

Searching for travelers:

  • Assigning the date of going and coming back.
  • The possibility of searching by supplier and customer’s name.
  • The possibility of searching by the flight number and traveler’s name.


  • Registration of the name of the airlines.
  • Inserting the name and the address of the company.

New hotels booking

This is done by:

  • Supplier’s name.
  • Customer’s name.
  • The hotel address.
  • The hotel phone number.
  • The resident’s name.
  • The residents’ number.
  • The hotel name.
  • The room quality and kind.
  • The date of the start and end of booking.
  • The number of the booking nights.
  • Meals plans.
  • The sales representative’s name.

Revenues and Expenses:

  • Adding new revenues and expenses.
  • Following up expenses.
  • Registration of fixed asset items.

Suppliers and customers:

  • Adding a new supplier.
  • Adding a new customer.
  • Inserting the supplier’s name, phone, his city and the kind of his business.

The sales representatives:

  • Adding new sales representatives.
  • Inserting the new representatives’ name, their phones and addresses.


  • Sales reports.
  • Reports of hotels booking.
  • Reports of journeys booking.
  • Reports of expenses.


  • Adding banks accounts.
  • Following up the banks commercial transactions.
  • Following up the commercial transactions of customers and suppliers.
  • Following up the currencies.

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