Mobile Application

Why do you want a smart phone application for your institution?

If you have an institution or your own activity which offers services to customers or institutions, surely you need to have some proper ways to market your institution or the service which your activity gives. A suitable smart phone application will help you to do that and also to communicate directly with those customers who are interested in your activity.

These applications will help you to communicate with these institutions, companies and individuals to improve the quality of your service and to receive their comments and complains if they are existed and to expand your services for increasing your sales.

You can also increase your profits by adding ad space in your personal application or subscribing to Google AdSense.

Why should you choose “Al-Badr Smart System” for smart phone applications designs?

“Al-Badr Smart System” offers you services of programming and designing applications for Android and I Phone to reach the biggest part of internet users with new services and developed ideas.

If you have an idea about your own smart phone application, our company will help you to carry out this idea immediately because application designing is one of the many services which we offer. We can carry out these ideas with a developed way.

These applications are supplied with the latest techniques of developed software to be compatible with the latest technology which existed today.

The advantages of smart phone applications of “Al-Badr Smart System”:

  • Using the latest and best programming languages to be compatible with the technological development.
  • The application is compatible with all smart phones types.
  • You can link your smart phone application with your website.
  • We ensure you a complete technical support after getting your application.
  • In the future, you can modify or develop the application easily.
  • A complete protection system for the application and encoding all your data.
  • Uploading these applications on the apps stores and installing professional settings.
  • Programming and designing the Android applications and uploading them on “Google Play”. store
  • Programming and designing the I-Phone applications and uploading them on “Apps Store”.
  • Those applications are designed to allow you to brows your website through smart phones and tablets easily.
  • Notifications from websites to their applications is a suitable service for news websites and those websites which need to be in touch with their customers.
  • The applications are easy to use.
  • The applications are multi-language.
  • You can choose your needed design for your own application

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