About us

Badr Smart Systems

For Web Design and Programming services


Our aims

Al-Badr Smart System aims to give technical solutions which help in business management and the practical use of technology in developing the small and medium business.

.Promotion of Arabic content in the field of information technology and providing Arab software globally

.In future, we will seek to use the artificial intelligence in the fields of Business management

Our vision

We believe that success will be by those youth who aspire to advance using technology towards future prospects and who is keen on the permanent development and progress in software in various fields.

Our manners

We are proud of manners and morals as they are the base of societies and civilizations advancing, also we are proud of Arabic and Islamic civilization .we are proud of its manners, morals and Arabic language.

Our working team

Our working team has experience of more than five years in designing and programming websites, web applications and used software in business development.

We always develop and train our team on the latest technology to keep with the fast developed world.

The company establishing

Our company was established as an official company. Its Headquarters is at (Arab Republic of Egypt – Gharbiya Governorate – samanoud). It is recorded in chamber of commerce and has a commercial register.

We strengthen our existence through our agents and distributers in Arab countries.

We can also communicate with our customers all over the world through different means of communication.