Online stores

Online stores

Having an online store is an important step to keep up with the technological development for increasing the sales and profits via the internet.
Those online stores are full ready to help you show your products on them easily and start doing a lot of sales and this because our company is considered one of the best companies in designing the online stores where we offer you an integrated store with developed ideas which help you in sales process management easily. The design has an easy modern interface which helps you to increase your sales.
We also realize well that you want to market your online store, so we always make sure that your store must be compatible with the searching engines during its designing, and this means that we make your store a good friend to Google which will make your store in the first searching results.
Because “Al Badr Smart Systems” is the best company in designing websites, online stores and smart phone applications, we ensure you that the payment methods are fully secured 100% which will ensure the safety of sales and payment steps.

The advantages of online stores which are presented by “Al Badr Smart Systems” company?

Our company offers you professional online stores which are designed by using the best programming languages, we have here a professional experienced working team of designers and programmers who are full ready to design your online store professionally.

  • Multi-languages stores.
  • An easy use store with a modern interface.
  • Smart phone applications.
  • Compatible and flexible with all kinds of screens.
  • You can add your business or activity logo on the store.
  • You can add an endless number of sections, products and brands.
  • There are multi-methods of charging and payments.
  • The possibility of products evaluations.
  • It supports different kinds of taxes.
  • There are links between products.
  • You can calculate the value of products charging.
  • Discount coupons.
  • A good friend to searching engines.
  • Automatic back up.
  • Invoices printing.
  • Reports for sales.
  • Gift vouchers.
  • A menu for desired products.
  • The possibility of comparing products.
  • Unlimited pages for public information.
  • Showing products list by network or menu.
  • Designing more than one store in the same domain and controlling them by the same control panel.
  • Bonus points system by which the customer can purchase according to the value of the collected points.
  • The customer’s stock which can be added to his account and buy by it.
  • Moving banners (slide show) or fixed ones which can be added at any place or any page in addition to linking it to directed links.
  • There is one page for requests to make it easy for customers to finish their requests.

The importance of having an online store for your business?

  • Opening new markets for your products:

And this is because the store offers new chances to attract customers from different local and global markets with no geographic boundaries.

  • Do shopping easily:

Your customers can see your products and follow up the new ones as well as their prices where there is a shopping cart which contains what are bought by those customers that will make the shopping so easy for them.

  • It’s open 24 hours:

Any customers can do shopping at any time of the day by the shopping cart.