Companies’ identity

Designing an identity of websites and companies

We offer you the designing of commercial identity and websites for companies, institutions, printing services and advertising campaigns organizing.
Designing the identity of institutions and companies is an important part of the activity if it’s not the most important part as it tells everything about your business which will remains in people’s mind for long.
We –Al Badr Smart Systems_ design these identities in a distinctive and developed look for all your business to express your commercial activities, and for that we have devoted an integrated team of professional and experienced designers who have a lot of developed ideas about how to design these identities.
We mean by the identity of companies and institutions some things as the company’s printed works, e-documents and website pages and the most important of all the logo of the company , the institution or the website as it’s the identity of the company’s activity.

Designing the identity of websites and companies:

We offer you to design the identity of websites and companies such as (logo – brochures – cards – banners … ..etc), with the latest techniques by a professional team of designers in a record time and great accuracy. These designs are fully compatible with the printers in all sizes and extensions.

  • Designing of logos for your company or website.
  • Designing of personal cards.
  • Designing of contracts.
  • Designing of seals and envelopes.
  • Designing of invoices as well as receivable and payable bonds.
  • Designing of leaflets, catalogs and brochures.
  • Designing of publications and conferences.
  • Designing of banners, plates and stickers.
  • Designing of electoral posters with all shapes and sizes.
  • Designing of covers.
  • Designing of cards.
  • Campaign designs.
  • Designing of notebooks.
  • Designing of advertising plates.

Why is it so important to care about designing the commercial identity for websites and companies?

Because one of the most important reason for companies and websites to be successful is to have a distinctive identity which reflect the activity of the company where it is filled with printed and online advertisements. Then we start the next stage which is to make all what belongs to the company to be compatible with the logo and make sure that they both express your business and activity by using distinctive and coordinated colors and elements.