Al Badr for managing educational training center program

Al Badr Smart Systems

“Al Badr Smart Systems” has designed a program to manage the educational training center which helps you in organizing the students’ appointments, courts appointments, registration of students, lecturers and training groups, salaries, expenses and employees’ registration.

The program advantages:

It’s a program with a simple easy use interface which doesn’t need experts or specialists. It helps you to manage your educational training center in addition to the payment of fees and premiums.

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Al Badr for managing educational training center program

Why should I choose “A Badr for managing educational training center” program?


  • You can add a new student to your center.
  • Searching for students by the name, the group or the course name.
  • Following up all students who are registered in the center.

The training groups:

  • You can add a new educational training group to your center.
  • Following up all the students who are in a certain group.
  • Showing details of training groups.


  • Registration of attendance, lecturers’ name and the course name.
  • eports of students’ attendance.
  • Reports of lecturers’ attendance.


  • Adding new lecturers’ data.
  • Searching for lecturers.

Salaries and expenses:

  • Registration the salaries and expenses items.
  • Registration of the students’ payments.
  • Registration of revenues and expenses.
  • Registration of students’ payments.
  • Reports of salaries for trainers and employees.
  • Reports of deductions and incentives for employees and trainers.


  • Registration of the new courts and the number of devices inside them.
  • Registration of courses name, category, their hours and their codes.
  • Controlling the employees’ settings.

An easy use program:

  • The program supports the many different kinds of printers.
  • It’s an easy use program which can be run on all devices as (computers, smart phones, tablets…..).
  • The program is compatible with all versions of Windows, Linux and Apple.
    You don’t need experts or specialists to use the program.

    • Your data is secured and encoded completely.
    • It’s an integrated program which supports Arabic language.
    • The possibility of updating the program easily.

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