“Al Badr For Sales and Stores Management” software

 It’s a program for sales, stores, cashier and points of sale which helps you to manage your business with the possibility of adding endless number of items. It enables you to control your sales and purchasing completely, to add suppliers with their accounts, to sell by different ways, to make discounts, to add taxes and service fees, to issue invoices and to have detailed reports.

Why should I get “Al Badr For Sales and Stores Management” software?

Because it’s the best sale program which enables you to manage your business and activity through:
Suppliers and customers:

  • Making a database for each customer.
  • Adding data of endless number of customers
  • Recording the payments of customers.
  • Recording the accounts of suppliers and their financial transactions.
  • Recording suppliers’ data, following up all their accounts and the dates of payments.


  • Recording data of purchased items.
  • The possibility of adding different prices for your items according to different customers.
  • Recording the purchasing prices and following up the prices of every day.
  • You can show the purchasing history data of every customer at any time you want.
  • Recording the data of returns.
  • Adding an image for each item as well as knowing the existed and lacking items in every branch or store.
  • It’s so easy to record and recall any items through the barcode reader or inserting the name manually.


  • Recording endless number of sale processes.
  • Calculating sales and the benefits totally and in details.
  • Issuing invoices to show sale processes.


  • Adding more than one store with the possibility of dividing these stores into many sections as (Main store – sub store).
  • Linking all these stores with the possibility of inventory the items and showing the actual existed and lacking items.
  • The possibility of moving items between different stores and recording these processes easily.
  • Making inventory for the stores accurately by using the barcode.
  • You can login the data of any store and know the items quantity in each stores.


  • The possibility of printing invoices for each supplier and customer.
  • The possibility of choosing a template for the shape and size of the invoice among many ones.
  • The possibility of revising old invoices easily.



  • You can register more than one user in this program.
  • Assigning certain references for each user as printing, deleting, adding and editing with a password for every user.
  • There are three kinds of references for users.
  1. Normal references for the user which are normal references as login the program, do a sale, add purchasing process, have a look over lacks reports and sending alerts for employees.
  2. Intermediate references for the userwhich are a higher level than normal references where you can edit the sale prices, change sales date, show purchasing prices and add an item.
  3. Advanced references for the user which are the highest level of all references by which you can manage all users, change the item data, delete items, back up and many other features.

An easy use sale program:

  • This program is designed to be suitable for all users around the world as it supports seven different languages which are Arabic, English, French, Turkish, Urdu, Chinese and Indian.
  • You can choose a color for your program among many ones to suit your institution.
  • The program supports many different kinds of printers.
  • It’s an easy use program which can run on all devices (computers, smart phones, tablets….).
  • The program is compatible with all versions of Windows, Linux and Apple.
  • The program has an easy use interface.
  • The program has educational lessons for how to use it.

Your data is completely secured:

  • All data is secured and it’s impossible for any customer to see any invoices except those which are issued for him.
  • You can assign a time in which the program will back up your data automatically in a separated file and keep it in a folder where you can back up it any time.
  • There is another back up for your data which is kept secretly and securely on the Cloud. So if you lose your data on your device, you can reclaim it immediately.

Free updates:

There are free updates via our website all the time so your program will always be updated with the latest updates for free and this will save time and effort for users.
Technical support team:

There is a technical support team who is ready to answer all your inquiries via (phone – What’s app – Email – live chat). This team is for giving solutions for all problems and to achieve the customers’ demands.

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