Personal assistants technology

Personal assistants technology invades the world:
(Yesterday, it was a dream…. Today, it’s a reality…. Tomorrow, it will be an essential need)
Artificial intelligence has seen a horrific development recently to the extent that can’t be imagined. Statistics say that in short time, the machine will dominate the whole world but nobody know exactly if this is good for human or not but anyway there is always tomorrow
. One face of the artificial intelligence development is the appearance of the personal assistant which has been developed and improved by many companies in many shapes but first, what’s meant by the personal assistant?
It’s a kind of software which aims to recognize the user’s voice, analyses his demands and fulfils them. For example, you can ask for reading a message, playing music, search for anything on the internet, call a friend or send a message.

The most famous personal assistants:

Google Assistant
It enables you to:

  • Make calls and control the smart phones which are compatible with it.
  • Make conversations and search on the internet by Google.
  • Assign your appointments, get a lot of information you want as weather, stocks, dates, match results and many other tasks.

جوجل 1

This assistant can do many tasks for you as:

  • Assigning dates, following up stocks, following up weather and matches.
  • The ability to alert you for your appointments according to your location by using GPS in integration with maps app of Apple to help you to reach your destination easily.
  • Making calls by voice commands, asking it to read a message loudly, setting your alarm or sending your emails for you.
  • Calculating customers’ accounts, taking photos and controlling your phone options as turning the Wi-Fi on and off.
  • Controlling other applications on your smart phone as music applications and choose what to play by voice commands.
  • The ability to do specified searching inside Twitter and other searching engines, not Google only.
  • It’s compatible with all supported devices of Apple which enables you to have an integrated smart home that responds to voice commands.

Siri 1Alexa

  • It’s also existed in Amazon application for shopping. It enables you to control your own house if you have the compatible devices.
  • For smart home, Alexa is considered the leading personal assistant and that because of the investments of Amazon in this field.
  • Amazon has announced that Alexa will be provided to all homes which will be built by Lennar Company that year. Those homes have reached 35 thousand homes. They have been compatible with more than 20 thousand devices and be also used by more than 3 thousand and a half brands. All that made it the first in smart homes field and controlling other devices.



  • It enables you to surf the internet via Microsoft Edge and Bing engines by voice commands in addition to setting the alarm.
  • You can also assign dates, answer many questions, be provided with information about weather, traffics, news, sports and many other things.
    • Cortana is merged with many devices as (Ecobee, Honeywell Lyric, Honeywell Total Connect and LIFX).

Cortana 1It also supports IFTTT which makes decisions and fulfils them according to Predefined standards.