The Silicon Valley

A brief about the Silicon Valley:
As the sun is the main source of light and energy on Earth, the Silicon Valley is main source of technology in the whole world. We can say that without the existence of this valley, we wouldn’t have reached this technical and technological progress, and our world wouldn’t have been the same world we live in nowadays, and we would live a very humble period of technology. This valley contains the headquarters of international companies which are specialized in technological and technical fields. The Silicon Valley is located in the south part of San Francisco of the USA. It’s composed of 28 cities and four sections.

Its establishment and reason of name:
Silicon Valley is considered one of the best places for those who are so interested in technology and advices presenters. It’s called by this name due to the existence of silicon chips’ inventors and manufacturers which are main parts in developing the boards the main operators of any technical devices in the whole world.
The first start of Silicon Valley was in the beginning of twenty century, but its great glory was clearly when its invention “the transistor” which made a big change in the world was invented. From then, the investments began to flow there and from a success to another and incredibly, Apple Company (which is so famous in technological fields) showed great effects on Silicon Valley where the infrastructure has been developed like no other in any places and consequently, new companies has appeared to start their technological and technical career.

The companies of Silicon Valley:
We all agreed that Silicon Valley is the technical world capital and the birthplace of technology where it has all technological companies in the USA nearly. For example, but not limited:

  • Adobe Systems which is specialized in Photoshop software, video editing and websites development.
  • Oracle which is specialized in computer software and operating systems.
  • Yahoo which is specialized in searching engines, Emails and IT.
  • Apple which is specialized in the designing and manufacturing of consumer electronics and software products as (Mac – IPod – IPhone) devices.
  • Sysco Systems which is specialized in network equipment.
  • And many other famous companies as Google, Intel, AMD, HP, Microsoft, Facebook, Net Flex and many other searching centers as Stanford Centers for researches, NASA and Berkeley Lab.

Its effects on American Economy:
This valley contributes to third of US investment returns of the new projects where the estimated market value of this Valley is over than 3 trillion dollars.
Silicon Valleys around the world:
We find that due to the big success of Silicon Valley in the USA, many others around the world tried to imitate this success by establishing their own Silicon Valley in their countries. You can find a model of Silicon Valley in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and many other place in the world and yet, the Silicon Valley of the USA is still the first technological inspirational valley for others.