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Asdaa Al-Khaleej Newspaper aims to be a voice for every citizen in the meaning of the word. Electronic journalism is one of the most important tributaries of the media in our country and provides great services in various fields. May God grant me success in touching the needs of the citizen and communicating his voice to the official directly, bypassing the boring and complicated routine in order to reach the desired goal in the shortest way and for a short period of time, in a way that achieves the well-being of the citizen in the city, the village, and migration.

أصداء الخليج 3

We will endeavor, God willing, to publish what we receive in terms of observations, ideas, visions, targeted criticisms, or complaints about lack of services with complete impartiality and to provide the opportunity for the responsible to respond to that. And as we have chosen for this newspaper a name, the voice of the face. The newspaper’s correspondents are everywhere in our dear kingdom, and we are waiting for you to interact and provide us, via the newspaper’s official e-mail, with your ideas and observations to develop the newspaper. We also expect you to send the topics that you want to put forward through the newspaper.

A final word / A lot of thanks for everyone who has encouraged us to establish Asdaa Al-Khaleej newspaper asking the Almighty God to guide us to what he loves and satisfies him and to be on good faith, and peace and God’s mercy and blessings be upon you …

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