Why it’s necessary to have a website?

لماذا تحتاج موقع إلكترونى

Do you have your own website on the internet?

It’s a question which will be repeated a lot the following days. It’s an important question, if you want to be a successful business man in your field, your answer must be “yes’.

There are many companies which believed that it isn’t Necessary to have a website but soon they found out that they were wrong because of the many chances they missed due to not having any contacting ways with their customers through the internet.

Why do you need your answer to be”yes”?

If you haven’t convinced yet, let you think about it. How many customers try to search for your products via the internet but they didn’t find you and they found your rival instead?

You will never know the answer of this question.

Many customers expect from all companies in 2015 to have their own website on the internet. The existence of the website or non-existence will form prior ideas about you, your company and your business.

For example if you don’t have a website, most customers will have these ideas about you:-

  • You don’t appreciate your customers to keep in touch with them online.
  • You have old thinking ways and you can’t improve yourself or your company.
  • You don’t like apparent work for a hidden reason.
  • You can’t bear the expense of a website.

Basing on that, it’s apparent clearly that you don’t have any of the previous positive ideas and consequently, your customers won’t deal with you but with your rivals because their contact is easier and always appear on the internet explorers.

But if you believe that owing a website is enough to avoid these Negatives, you will be absolutely wrong.

Let us assume that you already have a website but it hasn’t got a good design or outlook at all, your customers will form bad thoughts about you and the most dangerous of them are:-

  • You don’t appreciate your customers so you don’t give them a good website.
  • ou don’t care about your business or want to moderate it.
  • You don’t know how to set up a website.
  • You can’t bear the expenses of a website with a good design for it

And again negative impressions about you and your activity. It’s not good at all when your customers find Misspellings or images that aren’t in their positions or don’t know how to find the service or links are invalid. They will see that the website is created by beginners not professionals.

Why should your website be designed professionally?

If you think that the website is only some images with links and texts, you will not set up a good website ever. The website is your company frontage on the internet, and you should think as your customer does.
Your website is the first contacting mean by which, your customers have information about you and your business.
There are many customers who don’t prefer to phone you to know about your services but they prefer to browse your website which will give them all what they need.
Website makes the connecting with customers available all the day because it doesn’t have formal working hours then shut but it’s open all the day.
You will reach your customers through any computer and at anywhere as long as they surf the internet.
If your website design is perfect, it will reflect your care about your customers, and how important they are for you and for your company, they will get an impression about you that you do your best to ensure what they need by any possible efforts.

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