A real opportunity to learn programming

Our Arab world suffers from an acute shortage in programming with its all generally accepted languages. Despite the great importance of programming which no doubt affects on the various aspects of life, we do not find enough programmers who can meet that big need knowing that programming has become one of the highest paid jobs and may be the highest in some areas.

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The million Arab programmer’s initiative:Programming is the language of modern times, and our goal is to teach one million Arab young people to equip them now with the requirements that will enable them to achieve excellence in the future,” said Sheikh Mohammed.

In 2017, His Highness “Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai” has launched the initiative of one million Arab programmers which is an educational platform that offers free training programs for individuals who are interested in developing their digital skills. It aims to provide a million Arab young people with the basic skills that are required for the labor market by learning the language of the future through the most in demand programming tracks. The aim is to produce a generation of digital experts and provide them with all the needed tools to understand and lead the future by digital transformation.

Presented courses by UDACITY:

  • Designing websites
  • You will learn the programming basics through CSS and HTML and then, you will write your first programming line, you will be directed to learn HTML and in case of being awareness of it, you will add a pattern of HTML codes through CSS, try adjusting the rules of multiple styles in CSS to get the look and the width you want for your page You will also learn important instructions about one of the most important tools that is available for programmers “Github” and how to use them to form redemption codes, add changes on code, and display commitments in recovery codes.

  • Data analysis:
  • You will learn how to turn data into ideas, also you will learn how to calculate statistics and how to build the used paintings in production sector to display and transfer the best reading of data.

    You should first improve your skills in Microsoft Excel and to master the needed skills to inform the decision maker with, making a great effect by using data, you will also learn the database language and use it in extracting and analyzing the categorized data of the database.

  • Developing websites:
  • You will be able to learn basic concepts in Python programming such as logical audit, data structures and functions through interactive questions. You will be able to practice using your personal computer, create sentences and basic concepts in problem solving. You will learn target-oriented programming through a series of small projects Exercises using the various Python libraries. At the end of the course, you will be able to send text messages in programmatically, you will be able to decode the codes of secret messages, you will be able to create images using Python, receive instructions to form Github codes and using them to form recovery codes and make changes to the code and to display obligations in the code refunds.

  • Android applications:
  • You will be able to create android applications in high quality.
    You will be able to learn how to turn manually drawing applications into designs using the code language XML.
    You will be able to use Views and View Group to display images and text.
    You will be able to use Java to design applications.
    You will be able to learn how to display multi-screens.
    You will be able to add images and sounds to the application.
    You will be able to deal with Android (touch events).
    You will be able to make visual changes to add beauty to the application.
    You will be able to know “Web APIs” and know how to use it.
    you will learn the basics of networking in Android as (Including HTTP networking, JSON parsing, and computer threading).

    Join the initiative of a million Arab programmer:

    This initiative consists of two parts: the first is for trainees and the other is for the trainers. The initiative will last for (2-3) months in hour system at average of ten hours a week. The superior will get cash rewards.
    To join the initiative, pleaseclick here